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Building a Raised Garden Bed – Things you should Know

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Building a Raised Garden Bed – Things you should Know

Building a raised garden bed is a great decision because it offers several benefits. The garden can act as a source of healthier vegetable and it is also easier to maintain compared to a traditional garden. In order to get the best results, there are certain things you should know. This article provides you with some of these things.


One thing you must know is that you have to build it in the right location. Therefore, you need to build it in a place where there is enough sunlight. This is because the crops must have sunlight in order for them to grow. Different crops require different levels of sunlight, therefore, you need to do research to understand the amount of sunlight the crops you want to plant require for them to grow effectively. The good thing about raised garden bed is that it is easy to maintain thus you need to choose a location that offers easy access from all directions. This makes it easier for you when you are planting and weeding.

Raised_BedMaterials to use

You must use the right materials when building the garden bed. Rough cut and untreated lumber can warp when the weather is cold, for example, during the winter season. The materials also rot when exposed to a lot of water making it ineffective when building a raised garden bed. You need to use frame it all composite timber that use a mixture of wood fiber and ultra violet protected polypropylene. This material is effective because they do not splinter and do not rot or warp. In addition, they do not contain any chemicals used by pressure treated wood. This makes your crop safe because they are not exposed to such toxic substances.

Size and shape

Just like when you are building other types of gardens, you must understand the size that you want. This will be highly determined by the amount of the space you have and the types of crops you want to plant. This is because different plants require different space requirements. Carry out thorough research to determine this so that you can build a garden of the right size. Note that if your crops are too congested they will not grow well because they will compete for the limited resources.


Type of soil

To ensure you get the best results from your garden, it is important to ensure you use the right type of soil for your crops to grow effectively. One advantage is that raised gardens offer you the opportunity to select the soil that you want to use. The best way is to use a mixture of different types of soil such as loam soil, gravel and others.


You should also know that you do not have to complicate the building process. You just need a simpler modular construction of its frame. Make sure that you assemble all the frames effectively so that your garden can last for long without getting damaged. This will also protect your crops from frequent disturbances as you try to reconstruct the damaged garden.

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